I was the lucky winner of an Instagram giveaway and received a personalized tarot card reading over email with Morgan! She took the time to email me initially and ask if I had any specific questions or just wanted a general reading, and I asked her to focus on 2 topics relevant to my life just now. The reading was AMAZING! So so detailed and you can tell Morgan has so much love and passion for what she does. I got a photo of the cards to keep as well, and of course have it all in writing in the email which is great because I can save it and look back in a few months time. All the information resonated with me so much, the timing COULDN’T have been more perfect – I have no doubt that Morgan is intensely skilled and connected. I will definitely be coming back for more readings whenever I feel I need guidance, and I would recommend Morgan to anyone I know looking for a detailed & personal reading. Thank you so much Morgan!

-Eilidh W.

I recently had a card reading with Morgan, and in all honesty it was an incredible experience!

Morgan’s intuitiveness is something I have marveled at, and wasn’t disappointed when we got together for  a reading. With her guidance, I feel rejuvenated and excited for these next stages of my life. Her affirmations, guidance, and most importantly her love shines through all she does!
Would highly recommend her as a soul coach and intuitive guide. She (and of course my angels she spoke about) have raised me up, even in just the short span of time since my reading. Grateful for her light, and the passion she brings to help those around her.

-Alexis N.

Morgan is the most sincere and helpful person I know. I have the privilege of knowing Morgan and she has been a beautiful inspiration for me during very hard times. I would recommend Morgan to anyone, with total confidence.

-Sandra P.

My reading with Morgan was exceptional! She was bang on with the situation and gave me exactly what I needed to hear. She provided me with a fresh look at my situation and gave great insight β™₯ Thank you so much! I feel much better prepared to take the next steps in my life thanks to your expertise!!

-Shaz S.


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