3 Tarot Spreads for Beginners

You’ve selected your first tarot deck, or someone gifted you one. You know that you hold in your hands an ancient and revealing wisdom. There are secrets to the Universe within your hands. There are answers to your questions and insights about your current situations within these cards. So, what next? Learn some tarot spreads, of course!

Magic of tarot spreads.

Tarot spreads are really useful tools that can help you get the most out of your tarot deck. A tarot spread is simply an order in which to draw and place cards before you. Each position for each card has a different meaning – and the card that is drawn there represents how this part of the spread applies to your current situation.

Tarot spreads help you make the most out of your deck, because they help you to dig deeper as you are using your cards. Spreads can show you new perspectives, reveal things that were previously unknown to you, and even offer an idea of how another person/place/or thing might play into your current place in time.

Here are three, easy tarot spreads to get you started:

1. Past, Present, Future Spread

past, present, future spread

This is a great spread to use as you are beginning to read tarot, and it is a great one to remember long after your beginner days! This simple three-card spread can be applied to almost any situation you will endure in life.

The first card drawn reveals what happened in your past that is most affecting you where you are now. The second card represents where you are emotionally, physically, or spiritually, in the now moment. And the third cards gives you a glimpse of where your future is headed.

2. Overcome Obstacles Spread

overcome obstacles spread

This is one of the earliest spreads that I learned when I first began reading tarot. I love this spread because it really helps you to understand what potential blockages are keeping you from meeting your goals or manifesting your desires.

The first card represents you or your current situation. The second card symbolizes the obstacle you are dealing with. The third card gives you an idea of what action steps to take. And the fourth card shows you what will happen if you take that action.

This spread is open and honest and is great to use when you feel stuck. Pay close attention to the way all the cards play together on this one. Really thinking about the card meanings can help a lot here.

3. The Next Steps Spread

the next steps spread

This spread is really cool because you are drawing the cards in a strange order. Notice how the first card is placed in the center and the other two cards go on either side of it. This helps you to put emphasis on what is most important right now.

Card one shows you where you should be putting your focus and energy. The second card reveals what doesn’t necessarily need your attention at this time. And the last card symbolizes something you need to remember as you shift your awareness regarding this situation.

This is a great spread to use when you feel like you are taking too many things on at once and are risking burning out. Be sure to get nice and centered before using this spread!

Happy tarot-ing!

I hope you enjoyed these three simple tarot spreads and are feeling more confident with using spreads. These spreads can be used with oracle cards, as well!

If you would like to continue your tarot studies, check out my eBook, Transformational Tarot: Journal Prompts to Navigate your Journey Using the Magic of Tarot.

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