Numerology in Tarot

Tarot is a complex and mysterious divination tool. There is so much to fully understanding and grasping the ways of tarot. Learning the numerology meaning behind each card can make understanding tarot a hell of a lot easier. Let’s go!

Power in numbers.

Numbers 0-9 have their own vibration or meaning behind them. Have you ever seen recurring number patterns or synchronicities? These combinations of numbers have a very powerful message, and when you see them, that message is activated within your subconscious mind. This why understanding the numerology within tarot is so beneficial.

You see, tarot speaks directly to your intuition and your subconscious mind. The imagery on the cards is the first thing that is able to do this. The numbers on each card are the next thing that you pay attention to as you are reading for yourself or another. And you’ve probably noticed that the numbers within each suit tend to have similar themes to each other, with the over-arching theme being attributed to the particular suit.

numerology in tarot

Numerology 101.

Here is a brief description of the numbers 1-10 in the eyes of numerology.

One: One is portrayed by the Ace in tarot decks. One represents new beginnings, new ideas, and new phases taking place. It represents a time of rebirth, creativity, growth, and taking action.

Two: Two represents some type of union taking place. This could be within yourself, with another person, a job opportunity – anywhere where you are coming together with another person or thing. Two is the next step after One, meaning that whatever brand new thing you started is beginning to come together. Two is also a call for balance.

Three: Three represents clarity, communication, self-expression, and optimism. At this point in the game, you are understanding yourself and your path a little better. There is much to celebrate as your goals and dreams are really starting to take off!

Four: Four basically represents a strong foundation. Four inspires you to work harder, keep going, stay open-minded and seek further clarity. When four appears in a reading, trust that you have built yourself a great starting point and it is time for you to keep reaching for more.

Five: Five represents change. Things are moving quickly and sometimes it can be a little frightening! But this is not something to fear – in fact, the changes associated with fives in tarot are usually long-awaited and are rather exhilarating. When five appears, trust that things are shifting in the direction of your highest good.

Six: Six is a peaceful time after the wild ride of five. When six appears in a reading, compassion, service, and empathy are involved. This is a time of connection with others and feeling pure bliss and harmony. It is time to relax before moving forward.

Seven: Seven is a magical number, relating to divine destiny, wisdom, and spirituality. When seven appears in a reading, you are being called to do some soul-searching. Go within yourself and you will find the answers you are seeking!

Eight: Eight symbolizes abundance, prosperity, and power. Eight appears when you are ready to move out of your inner-work phase, and move into your outer-world phase. This is a time of great growth as your inner world begins to reflect in your outer world!

Nine: Nine represents the end of a cycle. You have reached a point where all of your affairs are in order, you are feeling the bliss of universal love! This is because you are feeling whole, and when you are feeling whole, you can give of yourself to others without being depleted.

Ten: Ten represents both ending and beginning. When ten appears in a reading, you are closing out one cycle and the new one is beginning to manifest. This is a time to make sure you are thinking positive thoughts and releasing resistance. It’s time to start learning again!

Next steps.

So, there you have a brief description of numerology in tarot! I definitely suggest looking further into numerology to fully grasp the mystical meanings behind each number. But, I at least hope that my little list is something you can refer back to as you continue your tarot studying!

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