My Experience Watching Heal on Netflix

As a healer and intuitive guide, I love to see new age and holistic health concepts gaining more mainstream coverage. I watched the documentary Heal on Netflix this past week and I really enjoyed it. Read on to learn why.

Heal, the documentary.

This documentary was released in 2017. I had not heard about it until a friend of mine told me it was on Netflix. She had recently introduced me to the Medical Medium (you can learn more about him here), so she was excited to let me know there was a movie that he was featured in on Netflix.

I was super excited too once she told me it existed! I was expecting a movie about the Medical Medium and his teachings, so I was even more delightfully surprised when I eventually found Heal.

The documentary features a number of different new age healers and health and wellness practitioners. It takes you through the stories of a couple women and their experiences with holistic and alternative forms of healing.

Heal trailer.

Why Heal made me happy.

I watched this film as my boyfriend slept next to me on the couch. He was in the process of overcoming a little cold and I was feeling afraid of catching it. My sinuses were starting to bother me and I kept tissues next to me throughout the entire time.

Little did I know that I would need the tissues due to the movie, as opposed to my sinuses acting up! The stories and ideas featured in this film literally made me tear up more than once.

All of the concepts featured in this film were not new to me, as I have been studying integrative healing arts for many years (not to brag, my friend – you can learn more about my history on my About Me page).

But I truly found this film inspiring. It left me wanting to do more for my friends, loved ones, and clients. It left me wanting to continue my studies of alternative healing and reach out to more and more people. And most of all, it left me feeling so excited for our future on planet Earth.

We are at the leading edge, here. More and more people are waking up every day and we are changing the way our society works. I am so grateful to be a part of this team of lightworkers and healers that is working to uplift others and guide them through their own healing.

My Experience Watching Heal on Netflix

Watch this documentary now.

If you are ready to heal yourself and heal your life to become the best version of yourself that you can possibly be, I highly recommend this documentary. I am not affiliated with them – I just want you to realize that you are in control. You have the power to heal and change your life. This movie will help you become aware of this fact.

Have you watched Heal yet? If so, what did you think? Let me know in the comments or on social media!

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